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Greetings from the Blazers!

We pray that this update finds each reader well and trusting fully in our sovereign Lord and Savior! With the chaos of the world around us, we are daily reminded of His faithful and loving care that enables us to continue serving Him as your partners in the Gospel.

Here in Brazil, many unique factors contribute to interesting days for our family. First, we are still immersed in covid restrictions. In our region, masks are still mandated at all times (indoor and outdoor). Vaccine “passports” are required for entry into restaurants, theaters, hotels, events of any kind, government offices, some medical offices, schools and the list goes on and so do the lines to get into these places. Some schools are just now starting back with full time classes, and the local federal university will host classes in person for the first time since 2020. It has been a very long 2-year process, and we are not even close to arriving at a new “normal”.

Second, Tim still struggles with chronic pain resulting from his intense covid experience. We are grateful that the doctors’ appointments are fewer and fewer; however, he continues weekly physical therapy and not a day goes by that he feels anywhere near his pre covid self. As we pray for healing, we are also learning that God’s “grace is sufficient” in our weakness and pray that despite the pain, Tim may be able to continue to serve and serve well.

New Missionaries

On the ministry front, we have much to celebrate. Probably the biggest highlight, is that after our annual business meeting in February, our church plant started supporting 3 new Brazilian missionaries serving in Bolivia, Madeiro Island, and Albania. The family raising support heading to Albania are members of our church and will be commissioned and sent by this church plant. It doesn’t get much better than that! In addition to the missionaries, the church is now fully supporting our Brazilian pastor who Tim is training to transition from associate pastor to full time national pastor of this church.

Ministry News

Tim completed the teaching portion of his seminary class with 16 students and is currently grading the exam and final paper. Also, at the end of January, a new missionary colleague that will work in this region with women’s discipleship and training arrived, and Andrea has dedicated much time helping her settle and set up house. Our weekly Bible club at the orphanage continues each Thursday, and this last Sunday, we had almost 30 kids and staff from the orphanage attend our services. Since our building is already too small, we have an urgent need to purchase property and build adequate facilities for this church plant.

On Sunday, we had people standing in the back of church because not only are we lacking chairs, but even with more chairs, there is simply no more space to set up more chairs. Things became complicated when our seasonal rains started pouring outside and everyone was forced to cram in the rented warehouse. Please join with our church in praying for God to lead to the property He has prepared and provide both Brazilian and American gifts to acquire our own facilities.

Thank You!

Thank you for your part in reaching our world for Christ.

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