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Salvation, Baptisms, Property Work Days, ......

Life and ministry became even busier with the purchase of property for our church plant, and we are loving this stage of church planting. Here are just a few highlights to celebrate and pray with us!


Church Plant: One young mother, Debora, surrendered her life to Christ on a Wednesday night after prayer meeting.

Two young adults were baptized during our 4 day church retreat in February, and last Saturday was our yearly business meeting during which we accepted 12 new members. The church also voted to increase its monthly support of our 3 Brazilian missionary families.


Leadership Training: Tim starts teaching this semester’s seminary class on Thursday. Both Tim and Andrea are mentoring a small group of deacons, pastors, and wives in preparation for the church plant’s transition to autonomy, and Tim is mentoring a Brazilian missionary raising support to church plant in Albania.


Orphanage Ministry: The orphanage recently received two newborns and two toddlers which changes the atmosphere significantly; however, despite the challenges, we continue to go every Thursday night for our weekly Bible club. The kids are brought to our church services on Sundays as well. During our church retreat, Andrea engaged in intentional and challenging spiritual conversations with several of the teens from the orphanage, and one teenage boy was baptized.


New Church Property: All paperwork has been completed and the property is official “ours”. Water and electricity have been turned on, an architect and engineer contracted, and workdays scheduled for every Saturday and Sunday indefinitely. Last Saturday and Sunday, we had a good group willing and ready to work.

Our hearts are full of gratitude for your partnership in prayers and giving, and we are blessed to be an extension of your churches and families.

To God be the glory, GREAT things HE has done,

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