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A Season of "Firsts"

New life in Christ, baptisms, and several “firsts” have happened recently. In April, we held our first all church retreat. Not only did our church family celebrate the baptism of 2 new believers at the retreat center, but after hearing the Gospel at the retreat, a first-time visitor made her personal decision to follow Christ. She is now attending regular services and starting a discipleship Bible study. Also, our couples’ ministry inaugurated with an evening of fun, including a Bible study and a time for prayer and spiritual evaluation privately between each couple. With 46 people in attendance, even unsaved spouses enjoyed the event.

Family Retreat

Two weeks ago, our family had the privilege of traveling by car with Tim’s parents to the city where one of their first church works was located. Many still remember Tim and his parents from the 1970s. The current pastor graciously invited Tim to preach, and after the service many pictures were taken as well as tears shed. Celebrating God’s work in and through this church started by missionaries so many years ago was a moving experience.

After 12 weeks of pre-martial counseling, our church celebrated the first wedding of two of our members. All three Blazers participated in the ceremony which was located at our church facility and attended by mostly members of our church plant. With many unbelievers watching and some attending, we rejoice that Tim was able to clearly present the Gospel.


Mentoring and training national leaders continue to be a focus as we weekly mentor couples serving or preparing for full time ministry. Both Tim and Andrea have upcoming opportunities teaching at conferences and seminaries, and although our time is limited, we are eager to take advantage of opportunities to reach larger audiences as well.

Lastly, Tim has started the process to receive approval for a land/building project fund through abwe. On a fast track to buy land, this church plant is ready and desperately needs that next step to accommodate growth.

Thank You

Thank you for faithfully praying and giving. We are blessed by your love and gifts as we work together to impact our world with the Gospel.

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