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Behind the Scenes of our Summer

Our family had a crazy summer of ministry and fundraising and are eager to share with our partners all that God has done. Most of the summer months were spent traveling in the USA and sharing our urgent need for funds to buy property and building for our church plant and ministry center; however, for 10 days we were all sidelined, yet again, by a second round with COVID. Praise the Lord, Tim handled this strain much better; and God graciously allowed us to be in the USA at the time so that quick and thorough medical attention was available, which gave us great comfort.

It was also a blessing to spend some time with our adult children who live in Michigan. The Lord provided the opportunity for all of us to attend the annual ABWE Missionary Enrichment conference. During those days our son, Robert, was officially appointed as an ABWE missionary to Colombia and we received recognition for having spent 20+ years on the mission field. It was a great time of reconnecting and being refreshed spiritually.


Back in Brazil, our church plant continues to experience growth both in numbers and maturity. Recently, one of Tim’s ICU nurses (from 2021), started attending with her family. Tim had communicated with her after leaving the hospital, and now they are interested in becoming members of our church. While we were traveling, the Brazilian leaders planned and held a Vacation Bible School with about 50 kids in attendance.

Also, one of our members, who is preparing to be a missionary in Albania, is doing a visitation and weekly evangelistic Bible studies in a very poor neighborhood of our city. Another one of our families holds a neighborhood Bible Club every Saturday morning, in their backyard, with 30 kids in attendance. Yet another has done an evangelistic Bible study at work during lunch hour, and a different family works with public schools offering Bible classes. What a privilege and joy it is to have a church family so on fire about reaching their neighbors, family, and community. Now we need our own building!

The orphanage ministry continues to work through a weekly Bible study called the “Story of Hope”. Andrea leads the team on Thursday nights, and the kids attend Sunday services at our church plant. Praise the Lord, we have seen spiritual fruit and salvation amongst the kids at the orphanage.

Tim finished teaching a seminary class and will continue to focus more on leadership development and training within the church plant throughout this fall. We have very busy months are ahead.

We are so grateful that a new young family has joined our support team. God is so good. As we faithfully serve Him, He provides for our every need!

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray with us for more salvations resulting from these many ministries.

  • Pray as churches and families consider helping us with our need for property/building.

  • Pray for our 3 kids in the USA to be close to the Lord and walking in obedience.

  • Pray for our son Robert who is raising support to be a full time missionary in Colombia.

  • Pray for Brazil as the presidential elections this fall will be tense and have strong implications for all.

  • And, please, pray for our church plant to remain strong and continue to be passionate about reaching their community, Brazil, and the world for Christ!

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