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God is Faithful

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

Just sitting down to write an update is a task that reminds us how much we have been through and how grateful we are for God’s faithfulness, provision, and loving care. Thank you for your prayers that have sustained us through the most difficult year of our lives.

Slowly easing back into ministry, we are enjoying serving our church plant again as it reminds us why we are in Brazil and how God is blessing this ministry. Tim has preached for two consecutive months and is working diligently with our seminary intern on some key steps to develop our church ministries. VBS was last week, and we had over 50 different kids attend, many of which were visiting for the first time. About 20 volunteers gave of their time and resources to form a great ministry team, and a follow-up visit will be made to the family of a boy who indicated that he wanted to surrender his life to Christ! Pray with us for lasting spiritual fruit and new community contacts resulting from the vbs.

Back to Ministry

In August, Tim will return to teaching at the seminary with a modified lighter schedule for the fall semester, and yesterday we had our first discussion and plans were made for return to the orphanage ministry in August.

Thank you for your prayers!

Life and ministry are slowly getting back into a rhythm; however, we are daily reminded of the near fatal illness that Tim’s body experienced, and the after affects associated with covid “long haulers” continue to daily plague him. We appreciate your prayers as we work toward his recovery balanced with constant ministry opportunities.

Honored to be your partners for the sake of the Gospel!

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