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Eventful Furlough

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

Without a doubt, this has been a furlough that we will never forget! You may remember that we quickly transitioned out of Brazil for our home assignment (furlough) with little time to prepare and much difficulty getting flights. Shortly after arriving in the USA, Tim fell and tore the PCL in his left knee which required two months of appointments and physical therapy. He is still slowly regaining movement and usage of that knee.

God's Protection

Progressing toward our goal of visiting our churches and returning to Brazil in January, despite all the COVID-19 craziness, we started traveling and visiting supporting churches. That’s when our next major adventure began. Immediately after speaking at a supporting church in Iowa, we were invited to a family’s home for the afternoon. After lunch, we enjoyed a ride through the woods on their ATVs, and the fun turned to disaster when Julea hit a tree and was thrown from her ATV. In the process of being ejected from her seat, she hit the handlebar and suffered three major lacerations to her pelvic region. Fast forward to the trauma center….she had ct contrast scans to evaluate internal organs/bleeding and confirm whether or not the largest laceration hit her femoral artery. The bleeding was severe enough that this was a suspicion. Praise the Lord, it did not puncture her artery (missed by 1-2cm) and after an hour of internal and external stitches to repairs the lacerations, she left the hospital with about 12 linear inches of stitches. It was a traumatic experience, and she had to stay in Iowa for a week before having the strength and mobility to handle a car ride back to Michigan where she has spent the month of July recovering. She remains on track to start college in August. Praise the Lord!

God’s hand of protection was incredibly obvious throughout both these situations, and we have so many reasons for which to give thanks. Thank you for praying for our family and ministry. Most certainly, these prayers (offered before, during, and after) have strengthened and enabled us through these trials.

We have already visited several churches; however, starting this weekend, we have a church scheduled every weekend until December. We are so eager to share all that God is doing in Brazil and pray that even in unique church settings due to covid19, we can be an encouragement and strengthen partnerships for His glory.

Meanwhile in Brazil, our church plant is just now getting back to weekly worship services in our building. Another praise is that because court houses and government offices are slowly reopening, the legalization of the church is well under way. Praying that it can be concluded soon so that we can open a bank account and tax-exempt number for our congregation. In addition to other responsibilities, Tim has also been preparing for teaching church planting seminary classes in Brazil during the spring semester 2021.

God is Good

Thank you for your prayers and partnership. For God’s glory, He has used them to sustain us and provide for our every need!

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