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Summer Evangelistic Focus

Here in Brazil, new ministry opportunities continue to present themselves more frequently than we can/should accept, and we earnestly pray for wisdom to serve and serve well where He leads. Our church plant is gearing up for summer evangelistic opportunities including a vbs and outreach ministries in our community.

Just this weekend, we hosted a team of 10 seminary students from Tim’s seminary class that led community evangelism, a sidewalk Bible study, a children’s Bible club, and assisted with Sunday morning services.


We are still waiting on building permits to start building a facility on our newly purchased property, and in the meantime, we are meeting on the porch of the older existing house with tarps extending to each side for extra space. It has proven to be quite the adventure as when it rains, some people in the back use umbrellas during the service; and when the sun is hot, those tarps heat up and it feels like a sauna.


Despite the challenges, our congregation is excited about the future and flexible with the temporary. Pray with us that the paperwork will start moving faster through the city government offices for our permits. We have raised about 75% of our total goal for this project and are absolutely amazed at the generosity and support of so many. We serve a great, big God!

Despite significant physical challenges with covid and the chronic pain related, we marvel at how God’s grace has sustained us and His strength has carried us. He has graciously surrounded us with a team of Brazilian leaders that love us and are dedicated, hardworking, and committed to advancing the Gospel locally and globally. Last night we had our leadership team including pastors, deacons, and wives in our home for group mentorship, prayer, and pizza.


AND, we had to move rental houses again which proved to be another event that God used to stretch us and our faith. Now that we are settled into the next home God has chosen for us, we have already met 3 of our neighbors and one asked for information about our church.

Levi has also invited two friends from his community basketball group to attend youth group, and they went for the first time this weekend.

Thank you for your partnership in prayer, encouragement, and giving. We are honored to be an extension of your families and churches.

Much love with grateful hearts, Tim and Andrea

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