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VBS and Evangelistic Bible Studies keep the church busy

We are thrilled to share that our church plant is one step closer to starting the first stage of our building project. The city’s building permit office has reviewed our project blueprints and responded with four minor changes or documents that are required. We pray that as we quickly submit these, their office will also quickly review them and approve us to start building.


Our summer months have been busy, and despite the challenges of meeting outdoors, church ministries continue to reach the lost for Christ. There are currently about 8 individual evangelistic Bible studies happening each week as our members are passionate about reaching their friends and family. Several of these unsaved teens and adults are also starting to attend our Sunday services.


Vbs in July had many kids participate and even some new visitors. Our new church property is perfect for games and children's events.

As we also focus on training, in August Tim taught his seminary class and had over 70 students. We pray for increased opportunities to train and equip Brazilian ministry partners, and we continue to mentor a couple from our church who are raising support to plant churches in Albania.


Our new rented house has proven to be quite a blessing in location and ease of entertaining. We have already received 8 different families for meals and meetings.

During the month of September, we have our son Robert with us as he is recovering from a surgery done here in Brazil. As he prepares for missions in Colombia, it is a blessing to have this last opportunity to be together in Brazil and also correct some acid reflux issues he has struggled with his whole life.


As we roll into this fall semester, several evangelistic activities are planned as well as ongoing discipleship small groups for our members. We will finish our “through the Bible” study with the kids at the orphanage and are praying for salvations as the Gospel is presented each Thursday night.

Thank you for partnering with us! We are blessed to be used of God for His glory here in Brazil.

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